Selected Publications


2015. Japan and Civil Jury Trials: The Convergence of Forces. Co-Authored with M. Wilson and T. Maruta. Edward Elgar Publishing. PEER REVIEWED.

2015. East Asia’s Renewed Respect for the Rule of Law in the 21st Century: The Future of Legal and Judicial Landscape in East Asia. Co-Authored with S. Miyazawa, W. Ji, K. Chan, and M. Vanhullebursch. Brill Academic Publishers. PEER REVIEWED.

2015. Nuclear Tsunami: Japanese Government and American Role in Fukushima Disaster. Co-authored with R. Krooth, and M. Edelman. Lexington Books. PEER REVIEWED.

2003. Race in the Jury Box: Affirmative Action in Jury Selection. Co-authored with R. Krooth. State University of New York (SUNY) Press. PEER REVIEWED.

Chapters in Books

2015. “Global Juries: A Plan for Research,” in The Psychology of Juries: Current Knowledge and Research for the Future (Forthcoming). Co-authored with V. Hans, S. Ivkovic, and J. Park. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

2013. “The Rebirth of Japan’s Petit Quasi-Jury and Grand Jury Systems: Cross-National Analysis of Legal Consciousness and Lay Participatory Experience in Japan and the U.S.,” in the Japanese Legal System: Case, Codes, and Commentary. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

2012. “Disaster Memories and Other Thoughts on the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors, the Military Industrial Complex, the Ainu, and the National Sovereignty,” in My Postwar Life: An Era of Transition. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

2012. “Lay Prosecution of U.S. Military Crimes in Japan by Prosecutorial Review Commissions and the Saiban-in Trial,” in Japanese Legal System: An Era of Transition. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

Journal Articles

2013. “People’s Grand Jury Panels and the State’s Inquisitorial Institutions: Prosecution review Commissions in Japan and People’s Supervisors in China.” Fordham International Law Journal. Co-authored with Z. Wang. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

2013. “A Step in the Right Direction for Japan’s Judicial Reform: Impact of the Justice System
Reform Council Recommendations on Criminal Justice and Citizen Participation in
Criminal, Civil, and Administrative Litigation.” Hastings International and Comparative

2012. “Seeing is Believing: The Impact of Jury Service on Attitudes Toward Legal Institutions and the Implications for International Jury Reform.” Court Review. Co-authored with J. Gastil, K. Anderson, and M. Nolan. PEER REVIEWED.

2012. “The Future of Lay Adjudication in Korea and Japan.” Yonsei Law Journal. Co-authored with V. Hans. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

2012. “Introduction: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disasters and the Future of Nuclear Energy Programs in Japan and East Asia.” Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal. PEER REVIEWED/INVITED.

Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies

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